Strength & Injury Prevention

You're already training a lot for your endurance events, strength isn't that important is it?

Yes, it definitely is! And it's something that can be done at home, with just a few pieces of equipment.  It also won't bulk you up, if you're concerned about that.

When you lift and strengthen in the right manner, with the right exercises and technique, it will make you stronger, more powerful, efficient and less at risk for injury.

Our Free Guide: 10 Exercises to Injury Proof Your Run

You're a runner that just wants to run. But you keep getting injured and it's frustrating.

It's Time to Stop the Frustration and Get Back to Running!
How are these exercises different?

-They target the muscles that impact the most common running injuries 
-They are the foundational exercises that allow you to activate the right muscles for running 
-They can be done at home, with little equipment 
-They won't make you so fatigued that you can't run

Grab this video guide and get going. 
 Lift Strong Run Strong: At Home Strength Training

Stronger and faster with less injury, in less time.

Even if you've tried lifting weights in the past, worry it's going to bulk you up, or take too much time away from running and training. 

This is a 3-phase "at home" progressive strength program that provides run specific strength to ensure a strong season with less injury. In just 20-40 minutes and used all year long to progress through your training. 
 The Plantar Fasciitis Protocol 
Strengthen Your Feet and Legs to Overcome Foot Pain and Get Back To Running
Even if you feel like you've tried everything and aren't sure you'll ever run foot pain free again.   

This is a 3-level strength program meets you exactly where you are. Whether you're building foot and leg strength to prevent foot pain, or dealing with foot pain, there is a level for you. 

From the athletes:

I feel muscles working that I haven't used before. Especially the inner thighs. I feel stronger and more powerful already. Thank you!


Thank you so much. Overall I’m feeling more purposeful and I think I’m working harder with a better attitude than before. The new strength packs more effort per unit of time. So thanks!


This strength program is definitely not easy. I feel all of the right muscles working. Thank you.

Runner & Triathlete