Sweat Testing

Do you know your sweat rate? How about how much sodium you lose every time you go for a ride or run?

If you don't know your specific sweat rate, or how much sodium you lose, you're not going to have as strong a performance as you'd like.

Every athlete has a different sweat rate, and if you guess how much you should be drinking, or how much salt to take in, you're most likely going to be wrong. Because we've had athletes lose as little as 400mg of sodium per liter, and as much as 3000mg+ per liter. This is a huge range, and enough to throw off your race.

Why is This Crucial for Athletes?

It's simple—hydration is a game-changer.

Dehydration can lead to:
 -decreased endurance
-impaired performance
-a trip to the med tent for an IV

Overhydration can lead to:
-hyponatremia (this can be deadly)

By tailoring your hydration plan based on accurate data from a sweat test, you'll ensure optimal fluid intake, electrolyte replenishment, and avoid the risks associated with imbalanced hydration.

How Does it Work?

We'll meet you in a local park, to perform a 1 hour test. This can be a ride or run, your choice.

First we'll clean your skin, apply the patches and away you go. After 1 hour we'll analyze your sweat concentration and measure your loss.

You'll learn your exact loss of electrolytes, and have a hydration plan to implement at your next session.

Not local to Rochester, NY? Send us a message and we'll get you hooked up with a company that can send you a sweat kit direct to your home.

From the athletes:

 "This sweat test was amazing info and I can’t thank you enough! I already bought those salt caps and used them on a 13 mi run this weekend and felt GREAT during and after my run. I bettered my time from the previous weekend on the same course with less effort expended. Maybe other factors at work as well but at least I’m sure the increased salt had something to do with it! Upped my hydration and carb intake as well.  

Ultra runner

"I had a GREAT run yesterday! I felt well hydrated and strong and could have kept on running beyond what my coach prescribed! It was so good!!" 


"I just did my bike sweat test, and boy do I sweat a lot. Looking back I do think this has been a big factor in my problems on race day. So challenging. I just used BASE salt and I had a much better ride this time. Thank you!"