Swim & Run Video Analysis

One of the best ways to become faster and less injury prone is to focus on your technique. This applies to both swimming and running.

We have been providing swim analysis for the past 12 years, and we were just certified in run gait analysis as well. We're excited to bring this new service to our athletes to help them get faster and be less injury prone.

We will be performing swim analysis both in person and virtually. An in person swim analysis consists of taking video from several angles above and below the water, and then providing both a video analysis to view at home plus drills given right at the pool. A virtual analysis would require the same video, however a recorded analysis and drills would be sent to the athlete.

Run analysis will be done primarily virtually. Though in the warmer months in NY, we are open to meeting an athlete at the track to grab footage. Virtual run analysis will consist of a movement screen, video footage that will be analyzed with feedback on changes, as well as drills and strength exercises to perform.

Investments will vary between $100-200.

From the athletes:

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for me. I feel confident that I will get out of the water on time. You helped me improve immensely in a short period of time. 40 sec off per 100 yards. You also provided me with a great deal of confidence." 

Alan- 70.3 Triathlete