Swim Lessons

Don't let nerves for the triathlon swim keep you from racing. Learn how to swim faster and more efficiently with our swim lessons.

We offer private, 30 & 60 min swim lessons and semi private lessons. In addition, we offer swim clinics and open water training with our team.

Whether you're training for your first triathlon, or want to break the hour mark in an Ironman™ swim, we can help.

Locally we offer in person lesson at the pool or lake. If you're remote I'd direct you to our swim analysis option.

Investment will vary between $60-100 with discounts for semi-private lessons.

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From the athletes:

My swim times alone are down over 30 seconds/100 - no joke - I go to the pool now and I notice I am keeping up with others around me or even outpacing and I am really so proud of myself - the pool is my least favorite and it is also 45 minutes away so I always found excuses not to go. I know I am capable of this!

Jessica- Ironman Triathlete