Results Driven Coaching Programs

Crush your goals and reach peak athletic performance with expert endurance coaching.
Become the athlete you dream of, through one of our professionally crafted training programs, our team, or through customized coaching from OutFront Multisport.

We're different. At OutFront we believe that it's important to lead  and be "out front." This doesn't always mean that we have to be winning(though that is fun), but it means that we as coaches and athletes, we strive to work hard and play hard. We expect ourselves as coaches, and expect our athletes to work hard, to show up, to make themselves leaders, better athletes, better parents, better humans. To enjoy the journey and not just seek to achieve a win. To us, being"out front" means leading by example,  in all areas of life.

While most coaching programs only focus on training, we know that you as an athlete have 6 areas that you need to cover to reach maximum potential. Our 6 pillars are mindset, lifestyle, injury prevention & strength training, endurance training, daily nutrition and race day nutrition. You'll receive all 6 pillars with our coaching programs.

If you're ready for a different way of coaching,  a different lifestyle, and to achieve your goals, check out our 2 options. 

We currently have 2 coaching options to choose from: 

Team OutFront:

A online team that was created to help you achieve your long distance triathlon and running goals faster, and easier. 

No wasted time, effort or money.

Team OutFront was created with a purpose of providing long distance triathletes (Ironman 70.3 and 140.6) and runners (half marathon, marathon and ultra runners) an option that sat between buying a stock plan and working 1:1 with a coach. We know that not everyone wants 1:1 coaching and we know that athletes need more guidance than a stock plan provides. In addition to strength, nutrition, mindset and more. 

A science based plan + coaching help.

Here's what you'll receive on the team:

*Choose from one of over 80 science based training plans, delivered in Training Peaks. Plans are based on power, HR and/or RPE. A results driven plan, delivered daily in your email from Training Peaks. 
*Video library of everything you'll need to know as you prep for your Ironman™ or marathon. Everything you need to know to have confidence on race day. Things you've wondered about, and things you didn't even know you needed to know. 
*Strength programs to keep you injury free. Being injury free is how you'll get to keep training, and not have to take dreaded time off sitting on the sidelines. 
*Nutrition programs, recipes and more so you'll arrive on race day fully fueled and ready to go. Hundreds of recipes (plant based, omnivore, high protein, meal prep, etc) to fuel you and take the guesswork out of "what should i be eating." In addition, be an athlete that has a fully customized fuel plan for race day, so you won't be dreading GI issues. 
*A forum to communicate with like minded athletes, ask questions and keep motivated. A forum in one spot, off of Facebook, where you can ask questions, share wins and be apart of an amazing team.  
*Bi-weekly coaching calls to have you questions answered. Don't wade through YouTube and online Facebook groups, ask your questions and get science based, experienced answers from athletes that have been there.
*Discounts on team camps and clinics. What's more fun than training together and getting faster in a fun environment? Not much :) 
*Team races (not mandatory). See teammates as you're racing and know they have your back and are cheering for you!

Investment: $67/month or $670/year

Question about the team? Reach out by clicking the contact us button in the top bar. 

Team testimonials:

"Wow!! That was a great experience.  Hardest thing I have ever done. Super happy that I am an IM finisher.  Thank you for all your help.  There is no way I could have done this without you guys. You're the best."

Doug, First Time Ironman Finisher at IM Tulsa

"I DNF’d the swim last year so coming out of the water was like a giant middle finger to the Choptank which was amazing. Then the bike just felt good. My legs felt strong. By the time I got to the run I knew I could walk it and still finish but I started running and mentally kept setting little goals and when I would hit a goal I just set a new one. I just had fun. I was properly trained and kept saying positive things to myself especially on the bike. It was a wonderful race."

Jes, 70.3 athlete (with a 2 hour PR!)

"I just want to say again that I am so happy with how I did at Ironman Lake Place and I wouldn’t change a thing! I would not have come close to the performance I had if I had not decided to sign on with the team. I really wouldn’t change anything about the training plan. I followed it very closely and rarely missed workouts. The only things I changed were mixing up workout days if needed. I felt so prepared during the race. On the bike, I just kept spinning and didn’t waste energy or go too hard up hills and once I left T2 I was surprised because my legs felt so great! Again a testament that the training worked great! So thank you again!!"

Kara, First time Ironman finisher at IM Lake Plaicd

Here's a sneak peak of the team forum:

1:1 VIP Coaching:

Have specific race goals that you want to hit this year, but you have a busy life and you'd like a coach to guide you on the most direct pathway to get there? Then our 1:1 coaching is for you.

We're different. We don’t just program workouts, we look at your data, listen to you, and continually adjust your path forward. You invest in us as coaches, and we invest in you. We genuinely care about your success in life and sport. And the difference we bring to you shows. 

Fully customized, full access to us, with you every step of the way. 

What do you receive as a 1:1 VIP athlete?

*Custom training plans, fit to your exact needs. Delivered via Training Peaks. Training plans adjusted bi-weekly, or weekly if needed. Training plans are adjusted based on testing, schedule, life, sickness and more
*Swim/run analysis
*A strength program based on your needs
*Fully customized race fueling plans.
*Unlimited access to coaches within office hours via email and Voxer. Phone calls are also included as needed.
* First and discounted entry to training camps and clinics 

*In addition to all the benefits that athletes on Team OutFront enjoy (coaching calls, training opportunities, team races and more)

Investment: $175-325/month with a 3 month minimum. 

1:1 VIP testimonials:

"I’ve never been able to race in a way that allowed me to pace a race so perfectly. I had energy throughout. I’ve never experienced being able to surge at mile 7 of an half marathon before. Thank you. "
Michelle, runner

Cristina is an awesome coach! She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of triathlon and sports nutrition. I recommend her to anybody looking to improve their swim, bike, or run speed and endurance! Especially if you’re addicted to hearing, “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!”.
Mark, Ironman triathlete

"Along the way, Cristina worked with me with my nutrition including both general nutrition as well as race-day plans. Even though I felt experienced as a runner she helped me PR in my half and then break that PR two weeks later, knocking 15 minutes off three different course records as well. My previous PRs were four years old, and I had accepted getting slower as a part of aging, so it’s nice to know that I can still improve. Cristina and I have also worked with swimming one-on-one, and I look forward to seeing improvements this season. Cristina is very positive, a good listener and also very organized. I highly recommend her."

Anne Mary, runner and 70.3 triathlete