10 Exercises to Injury Proof Your

Strengthen your body with these simple, at home exercises, so you never have to stop running again.

You're a Runner. You want to run!

But you keep getting injured, and wonder why is this happening? 

  • Every time you start to build mileage, something begins to hurt.
  • You feel like your training is going well and wham, the pain starts.
  • You have a great run and the next day, seemingly out of no where, hip pain, knee pain, etc. 
  • You can't seem to get through an entire season without visiting the physical therapist. 

You've Tried Strength Training in the Past

You've gone to the gym, you've followed the routine, and it hasn't worked.

You're still dealing with nagging injuries and pain.

Let's do something different.

It's Time to Stop the Frustration and Get Back to Running!

How are these 10 exercises different?

  • They target the muscles that impact the most common running injuries
  • They are the foundational exercises that allow you to activate the right muscles for running
  • They can be done at home, with little equipment
  • They won't make you so fatigued that you can't run

Hi, I'm Coach Cristina

 In case we haven't met, I'm an exercise physiologist, running/triathlon coach and a sports nutritionist that is passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals through science based training and nutrition. I want you to feel your healthiest, train and race injury free, and perform at your best.

I'm a wife, mom (2 boys and 2 furbabies), endurance athlete and someone with has learned to manage their love of endurance sports with a genetic hypermobility disorder. Because of my disorder, I have to be exceptionally strong, or my joints will dislocate or sublux. I'm a work in progress, but I have studied my physiology (along with some great doctors) in order to stay strong, which is turn helps me to help athletes do the same.
I hold both an undergraduate and master's degree in exercise physiology and sports nutrition. I also carry a post graduate diploma from the International Olympic Committee in sports nutrition, and I'm a certified triathlon and running coach. To provide women the best guidance possible, I am also a graduate of Stacy Sim's Women Are Not Small Men Course and her Menopause course.

This strength program has been great. I feel all the muscles working in exactly the right spot that I need! The exercises aren’t too hard, and it doesn’t take me too long. Thanks.

Caroline, Runner &Triathlete

At least 50% of runners will get injured each year. By using these 10 exercises, you'll hit the major muscle groups that are at highest risk for injury. These exercises can be done using body weight and bands. So let's go!